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National costume
(Volendam - Netherlands)

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Volendam is one of the towns at the IJsselmeer which today has retained it's own costume.
Not that everyone is still in traditional costume on the streets, but the phenomenon is not rare (yet). Shop staff dressed in traditional costume and musicians deserve from tourists who arrive by coach to Volendam
The Volendam national costume is the best known  Dutch national costume and has a significant role in advertising and promotion Holland. Often is it considerd the role of "national" costume of Holland.

The white hat (or a
hul) by many considered as typical Dutch national costume,
is actually only worn in the village of Volendam at Amsterdam.
Already at the end of the 19th century, then in Vollendam costumes and setting were used, studied and published abroad. The region to the current Ijsselmeer became the tourist attraction of the Netherlands.
Even today you see people walking around in Volendam in their traditional dress,
especially on Sundays.
It is fair to note, however, that nowadays the costumes worn mainly by souvenir sellers.
Because Volendam is an old tourist center, the costume of that place abroad as typically Dutch experience. Eventually the Dutch themselves have taken that cliché.
Girls in Volendam hat rarely pause in brochures, guides or texts which refer to the Netherlands.

From Volendam you can easily reach Marken, to which in 1957 was an island with a ferryboat.
There you can also see many people in their traditional clothes.
The women also wear a white hat, but it looks different, much smaller and less noticeable.
The components of the traditional costumes are also each have their own meaning.
The national costume for women, you can see the color, if she married or single, and whether they are light or heavy mourning or not in mourning. The men are usually dresses in black. The clothes are not commercially available, but today is still made by the women themselves.
Not only sewing is a chore, with the Volendam cap is sizing a nice job!

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